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It's Official: "Tom of Cary" to Become "Tom of Marshall"

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Jul. 17th, 2009 | 04:14 pm
location: Cary
mood: happyhappy

I have made a decision: I will rent, and perhaps later buy, a "log cabin" in Marshall, NC (about 21 miles outside of downtown Asheville).

This home belongs to a member of Asheville Friends Meeting (Quakers), where I've attended Meeting for Worship during each of my visits to Asheville (now six of them, so far). I've known since April that the cabin was available for purchase. But only in late June did I find out that I could rent it, and move in, first, and then decide whether to buy it. I found out by asking that specific question, after it suddenly it occurred to me that that would be my first choice.

In my previous post, I emphasized climate (specifically, summer heat) as my first and greatest motivation for moving out of the Triangle. So it is worth noting that Marshall, and this cabin in particular, are further up in the mountains than Asheville, and consequently, generally a little bit cooler than Asheville itself. At the moment, according to the feed from Weather Underground on my iGoogle home page, the difference is slight: 85 [degrees Fahrenheit] in Cary, 75 in Asheville, 74 in Marshall.

The processing of moving has already begun; I'm doing it gradually. I won't actually give up the apartment in Cary until Friday, August 21.

Here's my new address:

96 Country Cove Lane
Marshall, NC 28753

My postal mail is being forwarded there already.

If you'd like other updated contact information, contact me directly. (If you don't have any other way to do so, but you are a LiveJournal member, you can use the internal "e-mail" facility provided by LJ itself.) One part of what's available: a link to my Google Calendar, which should, among other things, allow you to to ascertain in which end of North Carolina I am located on any given day.

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