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Some Trump supporters want judges arrested

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Feb. 12th, 2017 | 03:24 pm
location: far from Folsom Prison
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A cartoon appeared two days ago (Friday, February 10) on the New York Times website; it showed President Donald Trump standing outside the prison camp at Guantanamo and asking, "You have room for bad judges?"

I read this as implying that Trump is thinking of jailing the judges who ruled against his executive order on immigration. But "implying" it only as satire: I am confident that neither the cartoonist, nor the editors of the Times, wish to be understood to be claiming, as fact, that Trump is even thinking about doing such a thing.

At least, unless they know something I don't, they shouldn't be claiming this, since I am unaware of any evidence that he is.

But since the subject (of jailing judges) has come up, I do wish to make an arguably related factual claim: that some of Trump's core supporters have urged him to do precisely this. For this, finding evidence is easy: just look at the comments section attached to a suitable story on Breitbart News.

For example, on Friday -- the same day as the cartoon mentioned above -- Breitbart published a story with the title, "Trump: New Steps Next Week to ‘Keep Country Safe’." I found all of the following, verbatim, in the comments users had posted in response to that story.


It seems the judges have been given extra federal protection after
their 'verdict'...they get more security for giving us less.


[Another commenter following up on the one immediately above:]

These "Fake Judges" might just get some "Fake Protection" if you know
what I mean... I don't think anyone is going to take a bullet for any
of them.


They actually need to be securely behind bars, in a nice comfy jail cell.


Once any attack happens, Trump can round up the judiciary and put them into protective custody in Guantanamo per the Patriot Act. Winning!


I'd feel safer if we deported some radical Leftist Marxist judges.


President Trump is consulting with military Generals and Attorney's in preparation for what I believe will be criminal charges against activist judges who have usurped the powers of the President and our right to be protected by the President.


[end of quotes]

I've seen similar stuff in the comments sections of other recent Breitbart stories. For now, I won't comment further, I'll just let the quotations speak for themselves.

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