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I did it again

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Jan. 31st, 2011 | 04:16 pm
mood: accomplished

I did what again, exactly? I released another new version of jGnash, a cross-platform, free personal finance program. This new one is Release 1.13.0, and it's actually been available for download since Monday, January 17.

This is only the second formal software release that I've done as an independent developer, not as someone's employee; that is, the second one since I "retired" from my last salaried position. The first one was the previous version of jGnash, 1.12.0, and its release date was nearly two years ago: February 27, 2009. I announced that one on LiveJournal, too (among other places): see the entry titled Software bird flies the nest.

I've gotten other pieces of software working in the interval since then, and one of them is even in use by people I haven't met; it's just that none has technically been "released".

Still, this release, considered by itself, does represent months of work. I'm not waxing as emotional about it as I did about the other one, but it does feel good to have completed the process. The main difference in feeling tone between the previous time and this time, I think, is that this time I was in a better place, emotionally speaking, to begin with: there isn't the same feeling of emerging from a slough of despond. More like business as usual, I guess.

What's new in this release? There's one kind-of cool enhancement ... but it's directed at people who want to write "scripts" (mini-programs) to work with jGnash, not at regular users. Aside from that, there are various bug fixes, aimed at making the program [even] more reliable and accurate. For a list of some of these, see the page on the jGnash Wiki titled JGnash 1.x Series Release Information.

If you'd like to try the software, the place to go is the download page for this release. That is, you guessed it, the place where you can actually download the program; additionally, that page displays a "release notes" document which can serve as an overall orientation to it.

Still another link: if you'd like an overview of all the major programming projects I've worked on since my "retirement", you can find that at a page titled My Software Projects, which is part of my personal web site, or "home page", at The Well.

Or, if you're curious about any of this, just contact me (for example, by leaving a comment) to get more information, direct from the source.

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