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New at The Well: more poetry, and a format option

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Jun. 7th, 2010 | 12:29 pm
mood: proud

Over the last month or two, I've been at work again on my Web site at The Well.  This time, the new stuff is in the "Fiction and Poetry" section.

Before this round of activity, that page listed one poem, "Signs and Portents", and one story, "Christmas Among the Beasts".  Now there are four additional poems.  Listed in the order in which I wrote them, their titles are:

  • Economic Downturn Blues

  • Don't Know Much About Deuteronomy

  • On Looking

  • Do Not Use Ladder

All the new poems contain some degree of [alleged] humor, with "Do Not Use Ladder" being the funniest, while "On Looking", on the other end of the scale, is funny only in a dry, ironic sort of way.  "Do Not Use Ladder" has another distinction: unlike everything else in this section, it isn't entirely my work.  It's a variant version of a poem of the same name originally written by my friend, Caroline Eastman.

The one little story, "Christmas Among the Beasts", is also [intended to be] on the funny side.  It's looking a little lonely by now; but there is an addition, of sorts, there too.  The story is now available in two formats: HTML (intended for display in your browser), like everything else on the page; and now also the more printer-friendly PDF (Portable Document Format).

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