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Why I chose "radio.weblogs.com" as my first weblog's site

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Feb. 17th, 2006 | 03:19 pm
mood: geeky

I've only sent the link to this weblog to a couple of people so far. One of them wrote back and [among other things] asked, "Why did you choose the Radio site? Do you know somebody else who uses it, and/or are there features you find especially valuable?" I thought I'd answer here, so if anybody else asks, I can point them to this post.

No, I don't know [or, rather, know that I know] anyone else who uses it.

Features that I [expect to] find valuable? Yes ... not exactly features of the site, but rather features of the software. Unlike most blogging setups, with this one you download (and, after a 30-day free trial, pay for) a software package onto your own computer. You compose your posts there, and then upload them -- which is easy to do with this package -- and a copy is kept on your own computer, so (for example) it's easy to re-post some, or all, of the material to another site later.

There's more to it than that; a lot of it is stuff which appeals to the software geek in me. It's a package you can grow into; manage multiple weblogs and/or other websites with; and -- by graduating to a similar, but more expensive, package from the same company -- manage your own site with multiple blogs, forums ... just about any interactive Web feature you can name.

The not-so-expensive package that I'm using now is called Radio Userland. It costs $40 a year. For more information: radio.userland.com/.

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